momentum_ 24 (english version)

a.- How long does it take?
b.- About one hour. The plane takes off and arrives in the quick of an eye.
A pause
a.- What will you do?
b.- Some friends will pick me up. Then, we´ll go to have dinner, I think.
A brief pause
b.- I have to be on duty. And you? Oh, yes. You're on holiday!
A pause
a.- No compromise, ok?
b.- No compromise.
A pause
b.- I'd put you inside of my suitcase...
They laugh
b.- When you get tired, let me know quickly and I won't call you again, ok?
a.- Ok.
b.- But if you have any proposal, I'll come to see you.
a.- If you feel what you're feeling now; if I feel what I'm feeling now, why not?
b.- Next month?
a.- Next month? We'll see.
b.- I think you'll never open your heart to me, won't you?
a.- Will I?
b.- I want to share my life with someone, someone like you. You woke me up.
a.- I'm glad about that.
b.- In fact I'd like you to be that person.
A pause
a.- You're going to lose your plane.
b.- I don´t want to lose you.
A pause
b.- You know, it won't be difficult to retain you from an island...
A pause
b.- Can I kiss you one more time?
a.- You'll lose your plane.
b.- I wouldn't mind to lose myway. Hold me. I'll keep calling you. Try to not forget me.
a.- Time can make me forget you. Try to stop him.

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