"Tan sólo repostar" /English version_

"Tan sólo repostar" es una pieza breve escrita por mi hace ya varios años. Fue dramatizada por Xavier Elorriaga y Belinda Washington para la Asociación de Autores de Teatro con motivo del IV Salón Internacional del Libro en Madrid en noviembre de 2004.

Convertida en cortometraje para mi obra "El incorrecto" -estrenada en Sevilla en 2010- fue interpretada por Daniel de la Pinta y María Palacios (foto arriba).

Dejo aquí su traducción al inglés a petición de alguno/as interesado/as.


F: a woman in her thirties.
A: a man in his forties.
A train station.

F.- How about your trip? Everything ok?
A.- Fine.
F.- So many hours travelling, isn't it?
A.- Almost 30.
F.- You don't look very tired.
A.- It wasn't too much.
F.- It was too hot there, wasn't it?
A.- You know, the weather's usually warmer. Not like here. 'Tis suffocating.
F.- What about the changes? Did all the timetables fit? Any problem with the languages?
A.- I studied languages. Did you forget it?
F.- Sorry. I'm so stupid. I don't know why I forgot it...
A.- It's ok. By the way, I forgot other things too. It seems it was unavoidable. Well... I'd like to...
F.- You'd better tell me when you see our new apartment. We'll be better there. Shall we go?
A.- Our new apartment?
F.- I told you in my last letter.
A.- Didn't get it.
F.- It's not possible. It sent it by registered post.
A.- I just said...
F.- Please, remember. Ok. How many letters did you not open? How many? Tell me!
A.- Lots.
F.- I wrote to you because I lost my job.
A.- And that's why the new apartment?
F.- I couldn't pay our flat rent. They paid me so little...
A.- You mean we lost our flat?
F.- It was so expensive. I had to move. But please, calm down. From now on, life won't be a hard and tiring exercise, but a everyday routine, as you used to say. Who cares the place?
A.- Did I say such a bullshit?
F.- I've come to the conclusion that living cannot be a hard effort. Was it easy to live without me? Well, you sighed. So, that means you don't believe me, doesn't it?
A.- You know what? I tried to remember, but I got tired very quickly. So I found other things more pleasant...
F.- And I suppose you felt really comfortable with them.
A.- Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but it is. I'm not gonna tell you any more. What I've done or not out there, it's mine. We don't have to share everything, you know?
F (apart).- Your body was so placid, so calm...
A.- What are you muttering on about?
F.- The new apartament is small, but really cosy.
A.- You're still looking on the bright side of things, aren't you?
F.- You taught me that. What did you take that pill for? Have you got problemsagain?
A.- Tell me more.
F.- About the apartament?
A.- Doesn't matter. But keep on talkin'.
F.- The balcony looks onto the park. I've put chairs and a table with mirrors there, so, while you're having breakfast, you can see the angels reflected on it.
A.- You haven't changed. You're tellin' things as if they're from another planet.
F.- My only option was to invent happiness in a such amazing way. You've been abroad for a long time. But those pirouettes are finished. I'll wake you up when you'd told me, and I'll kiss you when you're back. Day after day. That's my only dedication: to live.
A.- Where's that apartment?
F.- Near the park.
A.- It smells good.
F.- It comes from a brand-new café over there. Let's pick up your case and have a drink. You fancy?
A.- What about my desk? I hope you've been caring for it, have you?
F.- Nobody has used your things. Well, I must confess that I caressed them. It was the only way of catching a trace of you. Call me a fool, but I couldn't help it. I was about to get crazy.
A.- Are you serious?
F.- Memory usually plays some cruel games.
A.- I wanna talk about that.
F.- Some things eventually fly away, but don't worry about that. If you're lost, and you can't find yourself; if you think you lost me, and you can't find me, we have so much time to recover. Time is on our side.
A.- Don't rely on time.
F.- The next day you were gone, I caressed myself pretending that my fingers were your fingers; I imagined your reactions tasting a new recipe of mine, and so many things.. And now I really ashamed. You'd think I'm the protagonist of a novelette.
A.- I was about to do the same.
F.- Did you really try? I think I must believe and...
A.- Look at that board. D'you see the destination of the next train? At five o'clock? I said look at it!
F.- You're hurting my neck... I can't believe my eyes! Tell me, is this one of your ghoulish jokes?
A.- Listen: I prepared this journey to be here with you just for a while. No more.
F.-. I have money. I'll buy a ticket right now.
A.- Don't move.
F.- Let me buy a ticket, please...
A.- I'll take trains, one after another. Don't you dare.
F.- Don't you realize that you can't act like this for the rest of your life? When I hang up and I heard your voice telling me the train that brought you to me, I thought everything was going to be all right, but now I don't understand anything at all.
A.- Why the fuck aren't you down-to-earth?
F.- Why did you stop here? Why did you want to see me? Tell me!
A.- Just fillin' up, honey. Just gettin' energy. Don't turn around. Look at me. Why don't you gimme a good bye kiss?
A exits.
F.- Happy birthday, my love. You forgot to tell me one more time. I prayed for a miracle once again.