bedtime reflection

We do not miss each other so much, in spite of the words we dedicate to each other on the Net.
I have come to the conclusion that there is no much absence at all.
Missing someone is hearing someone's voice; missing someone is looking at someone's face; missing someone is sharing your time with someone. If it is possible. Of course.
It seems that we are not interested in our voices anymore.
Looking at someone's eyes give you away.
It seems we are supposed to have run out of Time.
If I tell you something with my own voice, the tone makes me feel naked and air what I carry inside of me.
If I use my glance to express myself, what I have inside of me could be shown, and as a result, everyone can look through the glass; and what it is worse: everyone can give his/her opinion.
If I share my Time, it seems as if someone could discount time from my own lifetime. And we cannot afford this. Of course.