your fingers only know how to type momentum_3 (english version)

a.- Your dialogues were delicious. Your verbs so accurate... Your replies were so forceful and your puns rose to the occasion...
b.- You trusted the Net too much.
a.- Yes. And now my eyes don't know where they have to look at.
b.- And that's why you're avoiding me, aren't you?
a.- I can't help it.
b.- During this time, your words have been appearing on my monitor as if they were just kisses. Where are they gone? Where's your kind syntax?
a.- I bet you used to caress your monitor.
b.- At least my fingers know how to caress. Your fingers only know how to type.
a.- I think your fingers only know about ghosts.
b.- Welcome to the real world.
a.- I think I'm not welcomed.

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