Momentum 33 (from DEADLINES, or the cliffs of the Net). english version

a.- In or out.
b.- I'll stay here, if you don't mind.
a.- No. Don't stay there. You won't be ok right out there.
b.- I'm better right here.
a.- No. Not there. You can´t feel better if you stay out there.
b.- So, may I stay or do I have to leave?
a.- You can go away or you can come in forever.
b.- I'm not bad here.
a.- There's nothing to be done on the bordeline. No taste. No fortune.
b.- Sometimes we feel better in the middle of nowhere.
a.- Why do you like silences so much? Didn't you know that only the words have the power, the key and the fortune?
b.- May I stay or do I have to leave then?
a.- In or out. Loss or fortune.
b.- The wheel of Fortune.
a.- The wheel of Fortune. That's right. Its spinning, up and down... the world at your feet or just you at the feet of the world. Leave this world if I'm not longer your world.
b.- You are indeed.
a.- Ok. Come in. Come inside. Don't stay out there. You'll never be good out there.
b.- We cannot stop the wheel, you know.
a.- No. We can't. But remember: when you're at the top the wheel, I'll laugh and dance with you to the limit; and remember this as well: when you're down to earth, when the wheel mashes your neck, I'll cry over you and I'll die for you until the Fortune decides to give us her wings once again.

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