DEADLINES (momentum 31) English version.

Momentum 31, from DEADLINES_the cliffs of the Net_

a.- Morning.
b.- Hi. Morning.
a.- You know what?
b.- No, please.
a.- Sorry?
b.- Don't tell me what you're thinking, ok?
a.- I don't know what you mean.
b.- Please...
a.- So... Can't I tell you that it was amazing?
b.- This moment will never happen again, so I don't want to hear you.
a.- You devote yourself too much...
b (aside).- I give you devotion when I know that I have to do that. I do when my body asks me to do it. I do when my skin asks me to do it. I do when all my senses come and shout at me, come on, give him devotion, right now. And here I come, with all my senses.
You know, my skin participates too. And everything is just a bunch of kisses that I can't control while they're' scattering all over the floor.
Of course I want to give you devotion. Even the sky comes to me and tells me, if you haven't got enough, go ahead! And your eyes confess me all the amazing things that I prefer not to hear.
Of course I want to give you devotion. I give devotion even when I know that I'm going to lose everything, when I know you´re going to give me useless numbers to dial.
I give devotion eagerly to make you give me centuries, instead of numbers to dial, because I can rest in peace.
a.- Coffee?
b.- Will you give me your phone number?
a.- Coffee or tea?
b (aside).- And because I'm so sure that you're never going to look for me.

"Why are you flatterring me so lovely
if you are running away later so mockingly?"

(lines by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Mexico, 17th cent. Poet and nun).

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