momentum 39_ alfombra vs. felpudo/red carpet vs.doormat (english version)

momentum 39_

X.- Leave me in peace.
Y.- That's right. Peace. You know, all I'm gonna give you is peace. That's why I'm going. That's why I'm leavin' you. That's why I'm gonna leave you in peace.
X (s/he thinks in silence).- Get out of my sight. But don't start moaning when you start your car. You'll never find the red carpet at the front door any more. I'll keep honors and symphonies for those who deserve them. Your feet didn't deserve to tread the floor, that's why a red carpet was set out for you after having won another battle, when you used to come back home, so triumphant... But now, you only show your wounds to me, you only give me your sorrow, you always avoid me and you never look for me; you're coming back barefoot due to oblivion not to decency. That's why you'll find just a threadbare doormat at the front door.
Y.- You really want me to leave you? Sure?
X.- You know what? For the first time in my life I'd have preferred you had appeared girded for battle.

from the play ©DEADLINES (the cliffs of the net) by c.h.c

Picture above: Ismael Múrtula.